SB PulpDesign AB är ett enmansföretag med massor av skogsindustriell erfarenhet.

Jag, Staffan Berg, startade konsultföretaget 2020 för att verka som fristående processkonsult. Min erfarenhetsbank har byggts upp under 40 år på skiftande positioner och hos flera av Sveriges stora skogsbolag.

Kraft process, fibre lines, recovery, waste-water treatment and the interaction between the mill processes
I have extensive experience of all parts of a Kraft mill, but my areas of specialisation have been the fibre lines and the wastewater. I am uncommon in that I have experience of how the different parts of a mill interact. It is often forgotten that a truly optimised process should be tuned to improve the performance of future production steps in downstream sections of the mill. To summarise; I am more of an,” Interaction specialist,” when it is much more common to be a specialist in digesting, bleaching, recovery or wastewater treatment alone.

Mechanical pulp
I have a great degree of experience working with TMP, CTMP and HTCMP.

My work with mill interactions from the wood yard to the paper/board machines and wastewater systems has given me a lot of experience in process simulation. In the past I worked with Win-Gems but for the last 15 years I have been working with the Extend-based ”PaperFront.”

From Fibre properties to Paper properties
My experience is not confined to the pulp mill. I have worked on how the properties of the fibres impact the stock preparation and the properties of the paper or board products produced. As a Product Development Engineer at the Iggesund mill I spent more than 10 years optimising the fibre production for optimal paper properties.

Staffan Berg’s CV

Upbringing; Born in Karlskoga
Education; Master of Chemical engineering, KTH; 1980

Employed at;
Iggesunds Bruk 1980 – 1987
Process engineer 1980 – 82
Production manager, HW fibre line 1982 – 85
Investment project; I was responsible for the unbleached fibre line that today produces SW-pulp for bleaching. I was also responsible for the control room and laboratory serving this production line. 1986 – 87

Stora Kopparberg
Oppboga bruk, Mill production and maintenance manager. 1988 – 1989

SCA, Östrands Sulfatfabrik 1990 – 1999
Production manager, CTMP. 1990 – 92
Production manager Fiber line (Kraft). 1993 – 95
Process manager, TCF-bleach plant. 1995 – 96
Start-up manager and later Production manager for the TCF bleach plant. 1996
Process development, Mill closure. 1997 – 98
Mill development manager. 1998 – 99

Iggesund Paperboard 1999 – 2006
Iggesunds Bruk, Kraft mill 

Process-specialist, troubleshooting and investment project manager. 1999 – 2006

Iggesund Paperboard; Product development 2006 – 2020
Responsible for the long-term project, “Fibre engineering, fibre properties for board. 2006 – 10
Continued work in the area fibres – board quality. 2010 – 20
Consultant for process issues at Iggesund Paperboard’s mill in Workington 2006 – 14
Developed simulations of alternative processes for the environmental authorities, for the removal of process bottle necks and the optimisation of mass & energy balances etc.                                             
Internal process consultant for all the mills in the Holmen group. 2010 – 20