SB PulpDesign AB is a one person company with over 40 years of experience in the pulp & paper industry.

I, Staffan Berg, started the company in April 2020 to work as an independent consultant. My work experience has been built in a career spanning over 40 years in various positions in large Swedish forest products companies.

Kraft process, fibre lines, recovery, waste-water treatment and the interaction between the mill processes
I have extensive experience of all parts of a Kraft mill, but my areas of specialisation have been the fibre lines and the wastewater. I am uncommon in that I have experience of how the different parts of a mill interact. It is often forgotten that a truly optimised process should be tuned to improve the performance of future production steps in downstream sections of the mill. To summarise; I am more of an,” Interaction specialist,” when it is much more common to be a specialist in digesting, bleaching, recovery or wastewater treatment alone.

Mechanical pulp
I have a great degree of experience working with TMP, CTMP and HTCMP.

My work with mill interactions from the wood yard to the paper/board machines and wastewater systems has given me a lot of experience in process simulation. In the past I worked with Win-Gems but for the last 15 years I have been working with the Extend-based ”PaperFront.”

From Fibre properties to Paper properties
My experience is not confined to the pulp mill. I have worked on how the properties of the fibres impact the stock preparation and the properties of the paper or board products produced. As a Product Development Engineer at the Iggesund mill I spent more than 10 years optimising the fibre production for optimal paper properties.

Waste water treatment
I have experience from design and operation of both biological treatement and chemical percipitation (inkluding biogas production) of waste water from Kraft- and mechanical pulping. The experiences resulted in a procedure to caracterize the organic content (COD/TOC). The result is used to predict the cleaning and gas production potential.


Staffan Berg’s CV

Upbringing; Born in Karlskoga
Education; Master of Chemical engineering, KTH; 1980

Employed at;
Iggesunds Bruk 1980 – 1987
Process engineer 1980 – 82
Production manager, HW fibre line 1982 – 85
Investment project; I was responsible for the unbleached fibre line that today produces SW-pulp for bleaching. I was also responsible for the control room and laboratory serving this production line. 1986 – 87

Stora Kopparberg
Oppboga bruk, Mill production and maintenance manager. 1988 – 1989

SCA, Östrands Sulfatfabrik 1990 – 1999
Production manager, CTMP. 1990 – 92
Production manager Fiber line (Kraft). 1993 – 95
Process manager, TCF-bleach plant. 1995 – 96
Start-up manager and later Production manager for the TCF bleach plant. 1996
Process development, Mill closure. 1997 – 98
Mill development manager. 1998 – 99

Iggesund Paperboard 1999 – 2006
Iggesunds Bruk, Kraft mill 

Process-specialist, troubleshooting and investment project manager. 1999 – 2006

Iggesund Paperboard; Product development 2006 – 2020
Responsible for the long-term project, “Fibre engineering, fibre properties for board. 2006 – 10
Continued work in the area fibres – board quality. 2010 – 20
Consultant for process issues at Iggesund Paperboard’s mill in Workington 2006 – 14
Developed simulations of alternative processes for the environmental authorities, for the removal of process bottle necks and the optimisation of mass & energy balances etc.                                             
Internal process consultant for all the mills in the Holmen group. 2010 – 20