Services on Offer

I can offer you the benefits of my experience in the following areas;

  • Process support for investments or trouble shooting.
    • My experience covers the entire progression from pre- studies, process design and, recommendations for the best equipment to the education of the operators and the conducting of test runs.
    • Project management
  • Education of process operators and engineers; both for new equipment and existing processes in the mill.
  • The supply of educational material, both conventional and digital.
  • The construction of simulations for future process and/or educational support.
    • My work in this area has covered the optimisation of chemical and energy use, reductions in environmental impact, optimisation of buffering and the removal of bottlenecks from production processes.
  • The analysis of process data, “Trouble shooting,” process optimisation and productivity improvement.
  • The mentorship and coaching of engineers.
  • The ability to adapt my skills to your needs.